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Lady claims Obofour nearly slept with her big sister (VIDEO)

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lady with the Instagram user name Serwaa Ama has claimed that Rev. Obofour attempted to sleep with her big sister.

She was commenting on a video in which Obofour was saying that apart from his wife Ciara, he has never tried to touch any other woman.

Obofour indicated that those allegations were being made to tarnish his image and were never true.

However, Serwaa believes the pastor is a liar because according to her, her big sister was nearly “chopped” by Obofour.

She wrote: “Heer this man nearly chopped my elder sister:

serwaa__ama“Herrrr this man nearly chop my elder sister.”

But another person by name Agye Nyame challenged Serwaa’s claim calling it a lie:

agye.nyame: “@serwaa__ama u lie.”

She rebutted saying she would not force Agye Nyame to believe what she said:

serwaa__ama: “@agye.nyame it’s not compulsory for you to believe what I said.”

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Another user, Yaa, also claimed that Obofour was sleeping with “his only chick”.

Lady claims Obofour nearly slept with her big sister (Video)

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