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Open Letter To BullDog- by Onell Paa Kwasi

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What did i hear you say ? That women belongs to only the kitchen and bedroom? Like really ?
Onell and Bulldog

Dear Lawrence Asiamah (BullDog)….

What did i hear you say ? That women belongs to only the kitchen and bedroom? Like really ?

In this twenty-first century, anybody who spews such garbage is a pure moron. Plain and simple. Misogynists have no place in todays diversified world. I really think this Neanderthal still lives in a cave.

You have just prove yourself to be very primitive. At this time of our century where women are flying Jet fighters, going to space and captains commanding Super ships. You come inn here with such an empty utterance because you lack knowledge about what our modern day woman are capable of doing.

Check out from our roads and see how many women are in control of Big Buses, Articulated Trucks just to mention but few.

You’re an ignorant buffoon to think women belong only to the kitchen and bedroom. Perhaps the woman who is either your wife or girly is dumb enough to go along with your stupidity, but most women are not that stupid and dumb to buy into your nonsense.

Furthermore, some of us men have great respect for our mothers, sisters, daughters and women in general to sit idly and allow you to spit your Nkwasias3m about women.

In this day and age. As a father to a beautiful daughter, It scares me that there are people like this guerilla roaming free. Now the name makes sense. Bull Dog indeed.

You really need someone to drill some sense into your blockhead.

Women should not waste their time arguing with you because evidently you have no sense, you are too damn stupid. By the way, did you kill Frenec Octhere? I mean kwakese’s manager, Did you murder him? Some of us haven’t forgotten wai.

I sympathize with the woman who mistakenly tied a knot with such an unqualified being.

My name is Onell Paa Kwasi and i stand with women! Some of us wont allow anyone to disrespect you and go scot free wai.

Your Fellow Man

Onell Paa Kwasi

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