Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

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Ghanaian artistes should boycott VGMA awards in solidarity against Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy Ban – Flex K Germain

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Funny enough all Ghanaian artistes are mute and watching!

No one is bold to come out to tell Charterhouse to shut up because they are not the ones being treated this way, some of them see this as an advantage to win some awards

It used to be only Shatta Wale years back who was banned from VGMA today Stonebwoy is part of the ban

The next time it might be Sarkodie, Samini, R2bees etc you will never know until it happens

Instead of the rest of arts to stay behind them and boycott the VGMA awards they are all silent and can’t voice out in support of their colleagues

Stonebwoy for example kept mute when Shatta Wale was banned from 2014 to 2018 because he felt it was an opportunity for him to win awards since Shatta won’t be nominated!

But now he is part of the ban, he is now angry and speaking his mind against Charterhouse , if he and his colleagues had joined hands to stay behind Shatta Wale then I am sure like by now VGMA would have learnt a lesson out of that Wale ban and won’t be treating artistes like they mean nothing to them.

Ghanaian artistes must show commitment for one another and stay behind each other when they are being treated badly

No award scheme is bigger than any artiste without the arts your awards scheme is bullshit, they are the reasons you are in business

If all Ghanaian artistes decide not to be part of VGMA AWARDS 2020, there would be no awards this year.

Respect those that bring food to your table, you are using their brand to make money via organization of awards, they are your primary clients and you must treat them with the utmost respect ✊

VGMA must show maturity and learn from the west where artistes does worse things to award schemes but still get nominated!

If they don’t take care the scheme will collapse because the masses are loosing interest in their organizational style and how they see themselves as untouchables and god’s of Ghana music


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