Ghana Immigration Service; the unsung heroes in our fight against COVID-19

It is sometimes sad and disheartening how some officers risk their life for the nation yet are not regarded. People are quick to notice misconducts among our security agencies yet turns deaf ears to the good deeds and professional conducts exhibited by these same officers.

It is not new that anyone entering or exiting the country must be checked by an Immigration Officer hence, their presence at all the entry points and ports of the country. What is making this duty of the Immigration Service risky is their interaction with these travellers whom only God knows the kind of sicknesses and diseases they may be carrying. They are sometimes tempted to exchange handshakes, which could transmit so many things.

In the wake of this dangerous COVID-19 pandemic, these Immigration officers are at a higher risk than any Ghanaian due to their aforementioned interaction with the travelling public and the sleepless nights they spend patrolling our borders. They, in most cases do the patrolling with neither PPEs nor rifles, unlike their counterparts in the neighboring countries. What a risk?
They are in most cases constrained logistically

in the discharge of their mandate.
With the government’s commitment to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, it is about time it paid much attention to the welfare of these officers wholeheartedly protecting the nation’s borders.

Whatever logistics needed for effective discharge of their duties must be provided if we sincerely want to prevent imported cases of the Corona Virus pandemic.

How motivated are these officers? This question was partially answered when the Comptroller General promoted some officers at the Akanu border post who arrested a fuel smuggling syndicate. It was a good call to me, sincerely, but not enough. With my little knowledge in Human Resource Management, I know what motivates one officer may not have same effect on the other. Humans are motivated by different things. Therefore different motivation packages should be available for these officers to chooseDue to the lack of logistics, these officers sometimes had to improvise to make living in the bushes a bit comfortable. A viral video sighted by had in it some immigration officers who were creative and improvised in the absence of a “veronica bucket” created a hands free water dispenserto aid their hands washing.
Just this week, an immigration officer was shot by smugglers at Nandom. It was an unfortunate incident, but little is known by the public the kind of risks these officers go through to make sure we’re safe.

Another example can be drawn from the recent arrest of 21 illegal migrants by officers of the Elubo sector command who were not discouraged by lack of logistics but went patrolling in the night, risking their lives to protect the nation.

Let us also not forget the families they had to leave behind to travel miles just for the love of the country.
These officers deserve better.

Written by:Nanayaw Preko Dankwa.

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