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Global Recognition: Billboard eulogizes Shatta Wale with a chart archives, credits him with 3 Billboard chart honors

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Over the years there’s been a lot of talks about who’s international, who’s won what and who’s more dominant with his/her craft outside the shores of Ghana.

I’m not here to compare or downplay anyone’s work but to set a few records straight.

Shatta Wale been touted as the local watch dog, toothless and boneless by most of the industry folks and media persons but its surprises why his records are mouth-watering and top notch, he is always not getting the right publication about him , it’s mostly negative 👎🏿 press on his career.

One of the critically acclaimed streaming platforms that mostly recognizes your work based mostly on streaming and sales of your music ( Album, EP , Single ) has a well created archives for the King Of African Dancehall, Shatta Wale but you don’t know huh? Well your most trusted entertainment blog just found out and want to share with you, this has become what is known as the first ever Ghanaian artistes to have such an archive on BILLBOARD CHART PLATFORMS

Shatta wale is credited with THREE 3 Billboard Chart Honours in the archives prepared by billboard.

•‘Reign Album’ which debuted at number #6 on the World Album Chart with just one feature in 2018. ( Its still the highest position attained by a Ghanaian musician )

•The almighty heart breaking Beyonce Collabo ‘Already’ peaked at number 22 on the RnB Chart and number 4 on World Digital Song Sale and he has also been credited for that by billboard



A bit of info on the above international recognitions, they are purely based on streaming numbers, not backdoor or whom you know. Your streams and sales via music stores earns you such enviable recognition and awards.

Billboard is globally recognized sales and streaming of music via digital music stores, charting company.


Next time someone refers to the King Of The Dance as ‘Local Champion’, just smile and tell them ‘If your favourite artiste achieve such Billboard successes with an album with only one collabo then you come for a conversation’.

Drop your comment let’s see how you feel for this good news for Shatta Wale and Shatta Movement


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