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Check out some of the major highlights of Shatta Wale’s interview with ‘On Stage’ in Jamaica

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African Dancehall King, Shatta Wale was a guest on one of the biggest entertainment talk shows in Jamaica last night dubbed ON STAGE which is hosted by Winford, Shatta Wale touched on couple of issues ranging from the Covid situation, afrobeat , dancehall, Vybz Kartel, Beyoncé collabo, Tropical house cruises to Jamaica Reggae compilation successes, upcoming #GOGAlbum

Below are some of the things he spoke about;

•Ghana is doing well and trying to live with the covid 19 pandemic.

•Kudos to our president for making sure that we all get protected. I think he has done so well in this covid situation, he speaks to us not to fear.

•I’m a dancehall artiste, afrobeat is our way of life as Ghanaians ( Africans ) so we all trying to be involve yes!

•It was a dream and a miracle for getting contacted by Beyoncé for the collaboration, and I always thank God for that, nobody expected her to choose me but she did because she saw what I can offer, I call her mummy I remember telling her to come to Africa because we love her.

•I’m happy that I am becoming the connect or link between our brothers in the diaspora to come home through music. I would be happy to see all the Jamaican artistes and black artistes across the world who believes Africa is their home to return and we shall embrace them because we are all one people.

• I am doing dancehall and promoting it hard in Africa for our brothers in Jamaica and the Caribbean to know that we are one and they came from here, Africa.

•Black Lives Matter is something every black man should believe in it, if you don’t then you aren’t a true black person. This is why I will always say thank you to our president for mourning Floyd when he was murdered.

•Tropical house cruises to Jamaica album compilation which I headlined, when I got a message from my team over the project, I thought it was just a normal thing until things started to shape up and I understood the magnitude of the project. I thank God that I was able to lead all these great artistes from Jamaica and made the album hit billboard chart. I am grateful to #Contractor and my team in Jamaica.

•Vybz Kartel is like a president in Africa, if he steps in Africa it would be like second coming of Jesus Christ. We really love him , he has a huge support from Africa.

•Skillibeng is my artiste now I like his music ,my team is working on a collaboration with him soon.

•I’m trying to put up some international collaboration, my next album I’m recording is coming out soon the GIFT OF GOD ALBUM, it would feature some couple of arts from Jamaica, and the USA 🇺🇸 etc, the world should watch out and embrace it when it drops.

WATCH FULL INTERVIEW HERE: ( Skip to 36:30 minutes upwards )

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